Lance Leitner
Title: Assistant Softball Coach

Lance Leitner graduated in 1985 from Cretin-Derham Hall (CDH) High School in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he played and excelled in baseball, soccer and hockey. While playing baseball at CDH, Lance recieved numerous awards in recognition of his outstanding athletic abilities including the "All Metro", "All Conference", and CDH's "Most Valuable Player". Lancer returned to CDH from 1994-2010 to coach the baseball team.

While living in the Twin Cities, Lance enjoys regularly running into his former CDH players around the town, many of whom have gone on to successful athletic careers at the college and pro levels.

Following graduation from CDH, Lance Leitner played baseball at the college level, first at the College of Southern Idaho from 1986-1988 under legendary coach Jim "Skip" Walker, and then at the University of Kansas-Lawrence from 1988-1989. While playing at the College of Southern Idaho, Lance received the "All World Series Junior College Baseball Award".

Lance has the distinction of playing baseball under two coaches who were both inducted into the American Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 2012: Dennis Denning at CDH and Jim "Skip" Walker at the College of Southern Idaho, who emphasized an important lesson that Lance still remembers: The "5 P's" - Proper Planning Prevents Poor Procedure". Using those two successful baseball coaches as role models, Lance likewise tries to inspire and guide his players today to strive for their highest possible level of athletic performance.

Leitner lives in Cottage Grove, has a 26 year old daughter Lindsey, and works as a sprinkler fitter for Viking Automatic Sprinkler.