DCTC Men’s and Women’s Soccer Now Under Direction of One Coach:

DCTC Men’s and Women’s Soccer Now Under Direction of One Coach:

DCTC Men's and Women's Soccer Now Under Direction of One Coach:

Starting July 1, 2018, the Dakota County Technical College Men's and Women's soccer programs will be under the direction of Mark Obarski.  Obarski will be in his fifth year at DCTC. His first two years were spent as the head coach of the Women's program and in his previous two seasons he directed the Men's Program. Jason Obarski, Mark's son has coached the Women's team for the past two seasons. Jason accepted the position of Enrollment Advisor & Financial Aid Specialist at DCTC. With this new position Jason will not be able to continue as the Women's coach, but will remain involved in the program in a volunteer role. DCTC would like to thank Jason for his excellent work as the Women's soccer coach.

Chris Petersen will remain as the assistant coach for both teams, but will have increased responsibilities. Petersen and Obarski have coached together for the past 20 years, as they were in charge of the Eagan High School Girl's Soccer Program for 15 years together. Petersen in addition to assisting Obarski, will take a lead role in the Women's program with recruiting in the fall. He will also assist Obarski with recruiting during the winter months and he will be in charge of statistics for both teams for the fall season. Petersen will also monitor team study sessions and have an increased role in planning and developing practice sessions and will lead sessions at times during the season.

Obarski, said, " he is excited about the upcoming season. Working with Petersen is always fun and leads to excellent coaching decisions." He also stated that he is looking forward to everyday that Jason Obarski can make it out to practice or games to assist with both teams throughout the season.

DCTC opens the season at 10:00am on Monday, August 6 with a combined practice with the Men's and Women's teams. The teams will not be practicing together in season, but to start the season, Obarski, said, " it will be a great way for the teams to get to know each other, as they travel together and will be practicing and playing back to back all season, why not get to know who your cheering for all season."

2018 Dakota County Technical College Men's and Women's Soccer Schedule: 

Date:                                      Opponent:                            Location:                               Time:
August 22@                           St. Olaf College                       DCTC                                       7:00pm

August 23                              Rochester Community         Rochester                              3:00pm

August 25                              Lake Superior                       DCTC                                      5:00pm

August 25                               Lake Superior                        DCTC                                      7:00pm

August 28                               Crown College                       Crown College                       6:00pm

August 28                              Crown College                      Crown College                      8:00pm

August 30                               Gustavus JV                            Gustavus                                5:30pm

September 5                          Rochester Community         DCTC                                      5:00pm

September 5                          St. Olaf                                    DCTC                                      7:00pm

September 8#                       Scott county                          DCTC                                      2:00pm

September 8#                        Scott County                          DCTC                                      4:00pm

September 11                        Gustavus JV                            DCTC                                      7:00pm

September 13                       Minnesota West                   DCTC                                      4:00pm

September 13                        Minnesota West                     DCTC                                      6:00pm

September 15#                     Southeastern                        DCTC                                      2:00pm

September 15#                      Southeastern                         DCTC                                      4:00pm

September 18#                     Iowa Central                         Iowa Central                         2:00pm

September 18#                      Iowa Central                          Iowa Central                          4:00pm

September 22#                     Northeast                              Northeast                              2:00pm

September 22#                      Northeast                               Northeast                               4:00pm

September 26#                     Iowa Lakes                            DCTC                                      3:00pm

September 26#                      Iowa Lakes                             DCTC                                      5:00pm

September 29#                     Iowa Western                       DCTC                                      2:00pm

September 29#                      Iowa Western                        DCTC                                      4:00pm

October 2#                             Hawkeye                                Hawkeye                                2:00pm

October 2#                            Hawkeye                                Hawkeye                                4:00pm

October 6#                             Marshalltown                        Marshalltown                        2:00pm

October 8                               Minnesota West                     Minnesota West                     3:00pm

October 8                               Minnesota West                   Minnesota West                   5:00pm

October 10#                           NIACC                                     DCTC                                      4:00pm

October 10#                          NIACC                                     DCTC                                      6:00pm

October 13#                           Indian Hills                             Indian Hills                             2:00pm

October 13#                          Indian Hills                           Indian Hills                           4:00pm

October 17                             St. Kates JV                            DCTC                                      7:00pm

October 18                             St. Olaf JV                                DCTC                                      7:00pm

October 20                             Play-off Game #1                   TBD                                        TBD

October 24                             Play-of Game #2                    TBD                                        TBD

October 27                             Play-of Game #3                    TBD                                        TBD

Women's games in BOLD

Denotes Iowa Conference Game#

Denotes Scrimmage@