General Eligibility Requirements

Information for a Prospective Blue Knight Student-Athlete

Dakota County Technical College is committed to providing quality athletic opportunities to enhance the entire collegiate learning experience for its students. The college strives to provide equal opportunities for all interested and qualified student-athletes. DCTC is one of the 525 college nationwide that play in the National Junior College Athletic Association.


Q: Must I be a full-time student during the season?

A: YES - Students must maintain full-time status during the season of the sport(s) in which they have chosen to participate (full-time status being 12 DCTC credit hours or more).

Q: What determines my eligibility after my initial full-time college enrollment?

A: Eligibility is determined based on your high school graduation, prior college enrollment at DCTC or another college (transfer), and time off from school between college or high school enrollment.  It is recommended that the student athlete have a discussion with the head coach of the sport or by contacting the Athletic Coordinator to take an initial assessment of eligibility.

Q: Must I have graduated from high school?

A: Student Athletes must be a high school graduate with an academic diploma, general education diploma or a State Department of Education approved high school equivalency test.

Q: How many seasons may I participate in a sport?

A: Students are allowed two (2) seasons of competition at DCTC, if they have not participated at any intercollegiate level during two (2) seasons previously. Participation in any fraction of any regularly scheduled contest during the academic year shall constitute one (1) season of participation in that sport. Participation includes entree into an athletic contest and does not include dressing for such an event.

Q: Are Scholarships Available to all Student Athletes?

A: DCTC is the only two year college in Minnesota that grants athletic aid to athletes (Scholarships). An athletic grant-in-aid may be awarded to any student-athlete in recognition of his/her athletic ability. Each DCTC head coach utilizes grant-in-aid in the recruiting process. However, not all athletes are awarded scholarships. Contact the head coach in the Staff Directory, preferably in the recruitment process to be considered for an athletic scholarship. All student athletes are strongly encouraged to apply for financial aid ( early and any other scholarships.  For more information on DCTC Financial Aid, visit the DCTC Office Of Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Q: Can I transfer?

A: DCTC regularly transfer students to four year universities in the NCAA (levels I, II and II) as well as the NAIA.  For more information on transfer, visit DCTC Transfers page.