DCTC Athletics - Benefits and Value

DCTC Athletics - Benefits and Value

Opportunity, Support and Success

The Blue Knights athletic program at DCTC offers an outstanding opportunity for talented students to begin or complete their college education and participate in varsity collegiate level athletics. DCTC student-athletes enjoy a variety of advantages in a modern college setting including:

  • Minnesota’s only scholarship level, two-year college athletic program

  • New and up to date athletic competition facilities

  • Highest quality sports medicine and athletic training service

  • 50 academic programs, offering: degrees, diplomas and certificates

  • General education courses that transfer to four-year universities

  • Excellent coaching with extensive experience

  • Athlete advising and planning for transfer and/or employment

  • The most affordable tuition and fees for an exceptional education

Comparing Costs: Get More For Less (Money)

DCTC has a history of transferring qualified student athletes to all levels of the NCAA. While the Blue Knights are fully sponsored with national level competition, the cost of tuition and fees can be a major factor in determining how to begin a college career. DCTC is the most affordable athletic program in the state of Minnesota. DCTC is also the only two-year college program in Minnesota that funds and awards athletic scholarship lowering the cost even further.

Annual Tuition and Fees for Student-Athletes in Minnesota

Here are the average full-time tuition and fees per year for the various levels of athletic programs in the state of Minnesota. The costs do not include room and board for any institution listed.

Dakota County Technical College (NJCAA)         $5,693

MIAC and UMAC Conferences (NCAA III)                  $35,424

Northern Intercollegiate Sun Conference (NCAA II)   $10,140         

State Universities/MnSCU System Only (NCAA II)     $7,790

University of Minnesota (NCAA I)                             $13,111

*Estimates are based on the average as published by “get readyforcollege.org” and do not include room, board or transportation costs. These figures are measured before any athletic scholarships are applied.