Stephanie Spano

Stephanie Spano

Stephanie Spano

1.) Where are you from?
Woodbury, MN

2.) When did you start playing your sport? Why?
I started playing soccer when I was a little kid and because it was something that my mom put me in and i ended up falling in love with it.

3.) What is your major in school or career goal?
My major is Exercise and Sports Science my ultimate goal would be to become an athletic trainer.

4.) A unique fact about you!
A unique fact about me is that I am adopted from Guatemala City, Guatemala

5.) How did you get involved playing? Why do you love it?
I got involved playing Soccer when I was a little kid and I continuously played until my sophomore year of high school and then I quit to try a new sport but then I came to DCTC and joined the soccer team because it was something I missed and they needed players. I love it because not only do I get to meet new people but it is just a fun sport overall.

6.) Why did you choose to go to DCTC?
I choose to go to DCTC because my dad worked there at the time and since I wasn’t sure what University I wanted to go to so it was easier to get my general eds out of the way and still give me time to work and coach. 

7.) What's your greatest accomplishment personally and as an athlete?
My greatest accomplishment personally would be getting into better shape from soccer and how hard I am able to push myself mentally, as an athlete my greatest accomplishment would be earning 8 letters in two years from high school. 

8.) What do you like about being on the team?
What I like about being on the team is meeting new people and creating a bond with your teammates, it has been really awesome to hangout with my teammates and getting to know each other more.